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My Qlik Sense Weather Station

Posted by Michael Laenen on 07-Mar-2016 13:34:00

I was recently involved in a RFP for an Internet of Things (IoT) project therefore I got new interest in the domain of connected devices. I wanted definitely to know much more about it. Then Someone told me how Arduino or Raspberry Pi can be a good starting point for exploring the IoT world.

I decided to buy an Arduino Starter pack, built my first projects with LED’s, servo motor. I had fun and it came into my mind : What if I could build my own home weather station and even more what if I could visualize the results with Qlik Sense.  So let’s discover how I made it…

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Topics: Qlik Sense, API, Internet of Things

When Natural Language Processing meets Qlik Sense®…

Posted by Michael Laenen on 29-Jan-2016 10:26:17

With Qlik Sense®, a self-service visualization and discovery tool, Qlik introduced data storytelling in order to support analysts to build narrative and share insights with other people.

Sometimes, stakeholders may have limited analytics skills and may not well understand the work yo
u have done. Therefore, today, it becomes even more evident for data analysts or BI analysts that adding some emphasis, context and narratives to the analytics results make them more relevant or interesting for the stakeholder. But it’s not so easy.

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Topics: Qlik, Qlik Sense, Qlik Sense Extensions, Technical, sense, Innovation

Alteryx and Qlik Sense: the perfect combination for self-service BI.

Posted by Jeremy Jean on 22-Nov-2015 16:00:00

Internet is an incredible source for miscellaneous data, although it’s sometimes difficult to separate the useful information from the useless one. This free information provided on the web can add value to your data, but the risk of misinterpretation is higher too. In this article we will show an example of how the data provided by Google Maps could help you optimize your road trips.

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Topics: Expertise, Qlik, Qlik Sense, Technical, Alteryx

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