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When Natural Language Processing meets Qlik Sense®…

Posted by Michael Laenen on 29-Jan-2016 10:26:17
Michael Laenen
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With Qlik Sense®, a self-service visualization and discovery tool, Qlik introduced data storytelling in order to support analysts to build narrative and share insights with other people.

Sometimes, stakeholders may have limited analytics skills and may not well understand the work yo
u have done. Therefore, today, it becomes even more evident for data analysts or BI analysts that adding some emphasis, context and narratives to the analytics results make them more relevant or interesting for the stakeholder. But it’s not so easy.

It might take a long time to learn how best to communicate on visualizations and analytics. “Telling story” was probably not part of the courses those quantitative analysts had during their education.  Actually most of them can elaborate complex predictive models but are not certainly predisposed to convert the results into stories.

That’s where Natural Language Processing comes into play. More precisely, Natural Language Generation (NLG) can converts information from computer into readable human language. NLG has existed for a long time but it is only recently that commercial NLG technology had become widely available and self- service.

Today, with the new partnership between Qlik and Narrative Science (www.narrativescience.com/qlik), to deliver a new free extension Narratives for Qlik (based on the Quill ™ technology) that will analyse your data, identify the facts that matter, and generate automatically the narrative that is rather indistinguishable from a real human writer.

"Collaboration is an essential component of effective decision-making. Telling stories about discoveries and outcomes with your data is a major part of that collaboration. Now, with Narratives for Qlik, users can enrich their communication around data automatically, significantly accelerating their work and improving decision-making." — Donald Farmer, Vice President of Innovation & Design, Qlik.

 Example Qlik Sens applicaton including Narrative technology

Once again, Qlik innovates in the data discovery market by adding a new textual dimension to Qlik Sense accelerating time to insights and empowering users. I urge you to download and try Narrative for Qlik and realize its benefits to your Qlik Sense applications.

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