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NEWS - Agilos and Metric Insights bring Push Intelligence to Qlik Customers

Posted by Edwin Willems on 09-Nov-2015 10:00:00
Edwin Willems
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Brussels, 9 November 2015 – Agilos, the leading expert center for Qlik® in Belgium and Luxemburg, has signed an agreement with Metric Insights, the leader in Push Intelligence, to bring its products to the BeLux region.

Our mission is to help businesses to become more competitive and agile through a smarter and better use of their data. In our best-of-breed platform offering, the missing component was Push Intelligence,” says Gilles Hocepied, Managing Director of Agilos. “Metric Insights will enable business users to focus, collaborate & act on critical events in their data. It will make information, now stored in various sources including Qlik, even more actionable and increase the ROI of a customer’s Business Intelligence environment”.

Metric Insights provides the leading Push Intelligence platform that lets you know when your key business metrics change and why. Metric Insights does this by easily connecting their KPI Warehouse to metrics from all your Business Intelligence, SaaS, Big Data and other data visualization tools. With a collaboration layer that adds context to the data and personal notifications, users are able to cut through the noise and focus on the critical business issues that warrant their attention.

« Metric Insights unlocks the real power in data, bridging the last mile to data-driven decisions, » said Steve Mock, COO at Metric Insights. « Agilos’ success in the BeLux market and its focus on maximizing ROI of a customer’s BI journey were key for us in choosing Agilos as a channel partner. »

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