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Range Slider for Qlik Sense

Posted by Julie on 20-Oct-2015 11:30:00

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Many situations need to be customized by the user. Which tool could you use to do this?

A possibility is to use the Range Slider extension to leave the possibility for the end user to customize a range between two values.

  • “Range Slider” by stefanwalther

This extension will allow you to:

  • Define a maximum and a minimum value: the user changes his values inside the defined range.
  • Change the jump step.
  • Specify two variables to define the maximum and minimum values.

Range Slider fo qlik sense - image example

The idea is great, but what I miss here are the design options. What we would need, is the possibility to position the slider vertically. Another missing element is that you cannot define an initial value based on a variable.

The developer is promising more features, so I look forward to see more.

See it on

Download this extension

To add it to your Sense desktop environment, just unzip the files in your extension folder (“C:\Users\<MyUser>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions”) and restart your Sense desktop.

To add it to your Sense server environment, upload the zip file directly from the Management Console.

Have fun with it, and post me your thoughts!

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Julie's Extensions

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