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Alternate States for Qlik Sense

Posted by Julie on 17-Nov-2015 03:00:00

Julie_s_Extensions_v4.4.jpgAlternate states are now available for Qlik Sense!

By default, a selection is stored in the default selection state. Alternate state allows to make selections for additional states. It is very useful to compare different states in a single view. For example, it’s easy to compare the sales of the current year versus the sales of last year, but it's difficult to compare a dynamic year with another dynamic year. This is possible with alternate state.

Big up to ssimeonov who created two new extensions to make this possible.

  • “Alternate states for Qlik Sense” by ssimeonov
  • “Alternate states aware listbox for Qlik Sense” by ssimeonov

Yes, you read correctly, you aren’t dreaming!

The extension “Alternate states for Qlik Sense” allows to create multiple states:

It contains:

  • A text field to create or add an alternate state
  • A listbox to see all your alternate states
  • A button to remove an alternate state

 The second extension, “Alternate states aware listbox for Qlik Sense”, is a listbox that integrates the alternate state concept:

Like a standard listbox you can:

  • Choose a dimension in the list
  • Make selections

With the Alternate State properties, you can:

  • Link the listbox to an alternate state
  • Add other listboxes linked to the same alternate state
  • Add other listboxes linked to another alternate state

Finally, you can now use the defined alternate states in the expressions in your charts:

A little reminder of the set analysis syntax: Sum({$}Sales) allows to calculate the sum of sales for the current selection, this becomes Sum( {State1} Sales) to calculate the sum of sales of the defined Alternate State 1.

These 2 extensions are really easy to use, and enable new possibilities in analyzing your datasets.

Download both extensions through this link :

Download this extension

To add it to your Sense desktop environment, just unzip the files in your extension folder (“C:\Users\<MyUser>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions”) and restart your Sense desktop.

To add it to your Sense server environment, upload the zip file directly from the Management Console.

Feel free to share this!

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