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The Qlik Analytics Platform makes business discovery as easy as shopping with Amazon

Posted by Edwin Willems on 11-May-2017 14:44:03
Edwin Willems
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Agilos is the first Global Qlik partner to be QAP qualified by Qlik worldwide.

Qlik-Analytics-Platform.pngAgilos implements business analytics solutions using the completely revamped Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP). When our customers have to communicate and reach out to a large population of external users, such as business partners, providers, customers, and citizens, we can help. The Qlik technology platform lets us seamlessly integrate visual analytics into an existing web portal (intranet or extranet), web application or through mash ups, and it’s all done using a common governance and security framework.

Now this all sounds very good, but how easy will it be to do and to make happen? Well it’s not quite as easy as simply buying the software and plugging it in … so you’ll need a team, a training program, and a coach to support and help you. And that’s where Agilos comes in to the picture.

Not only do we have business consultants who’ll help you articulate and define the needs of your business users as it relates to business analytics apps, we also have the technology specialists required to support the entire business application development process.


Unique QLIK QAP specialization certificate

Agilos has been approved as the very first Qlik partner worldwide to receive the Qlik QAP Specialization certificate. This requires that the company demonstrates in depth knowledge, (and pass exams), about the ins and outs of this technology, but also have successfully implemented it at 3 customers (minimum).

Agilos now has more than 3 live QAP customer implementations: one in Healthcare (CIBES – Benchmarking of Hospitals), one in Services (Client portal extranet) and one for Government business ( - interactive infographics accessible to citizens).

“QAP extends the power of the Qlik Associative Indexing Engine to all users in a company,” says Michael Laenen, CTO at Agilos. “It not only lets companies seamlessly integrate analytics within all business applications, but you can now also bring the power of visual analytics into the hands of your customers and business partners.”

Business Intelligence is everywhere

From a user experience the extraordinarily versatile Qlik Analytics Platform makes business discovery as easy as shopping on Amazon. In an easy and cost-effective fashion, it delivers the power of analytics into the hands of virtually all employees, customers and business partners, regardless the quantity of data or complexity. With Business Intelligence evolving into Personal Intelligence, it is clear that QAP is a differentiating technology. 

Agilos has the technical expertise and business acumen to make QAP work for you and your business, and turn the data you own into a highly useful and valuable asset. With QAP, you can leverage the internet and deliver cloud analytics access to a far broader user community than before. At long last, engaging and powerful visual analytics are now within everyone’s reach, no matter the size of the company: big or small, public or private.

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