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In crisis mode for GDPR? Transform it into a strategic asset!

Posted by Mohammed Merkachi on 01-May-2018 09:05:00
Mohammed Merkachi
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It’s important to make it clear from the start … GDPR compliance is not a tick box operation, one that you can say you’ve done and then move on from … no, it’s a change to the way you think, function and deal with data, particularly customer data.


From what we hear and see, many organisations are only just beginning to get a handle on what GDPR really means. In itself, this needn’t be a worry, as we all know compliance is a long-term objective, and that GDPR compliance is not something that will be delivered in a day.

We’re often asked about the potential impact of non-compliance … especially in the early years of the law … and we reply that it’s more than just about responding to the letter of the law. We believe non-compliance or making no effort to comply reflects badly on the perceived maturity level of an organisation, not withstanding the financial risk and potential reputational hit of being caught unprepared. We often suggest you look at investments in GDPR as a little like insurance cover; pay a little now to be well covered in the future. The law is clear, as a company you have an obligation to have started the compliance process by 25 May 2018.

Treat GDPR as an opportunity

We have to agree that the legal framework to GDPR is technical and boring, and yet it offers opportunities to companies to completely transform their approach to data, to business intelligence and how they maximize customer engagement. We would go further even, and suggest that done correctly and with foresight, the work done around GDPR compliance could be the key to transforming your data into the strategic asset it should be.

GDPR compliance is a real chance to get to grips with your data, from the top to the bottom of the organization. It offers company management, including boards of directors, an opportunity to detail the data flowing through an organisation – who are the key users, what is the sensitive data, collect all data in one place – and use it better and more productively than has been the case up until now.

Industrialise the process

We have created the Arelios platform to help organisations save time and resources on GDPR compliance. In essence, it’s a way of simplifying and managing the collection of data within a company … in fact, it ‘industrialises’ the process of understanding who and what people handle customers data, where it is and when it’s been used. By automatically consolidating the collection of data within a company, Arelios helps clients avoid heavy and cumbersome excel sheets and having to manage updates manually. Better still, it documents every step of the process and automates reporting.

A head start

We believe early adopters in GDPR compliance will gain a significant competitive advantage, particularly in cases where customer data is abundant and confidential. Which bank or hospital would you choose? The one you know is properly protecting your confidentiality or another that’s been exposed as not bothering and not making any effort to be GDPR compliant? There is no doubt, that done well, GDPR compliance a sign of high standards, of respect and professionalism towards customers and clients. 

If you are interested in knowing more about how you can better manage your GDPR compliance process, then please get in touch. A conversation today could save you nine in the future, and offer a step change in strategic data management long term. You can find more information about a GDPR cloud-solution on

Download the  6-step guide to GDPR compliance 

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